The tenant has unlimited rights for subletting parts of the premises and extensive transfer rights. When considering investments in a hotel or gastronomic property, it is imperative to analyze solid and detailed forecasts of the company`s future cash flow forecasts. The international tourism consultant ASPI AG – Auer, Springer – Partner International ( recommends analyzing different scenarios for each hotel based on development forecasts for the respective hotel market. Forecasts of a realistic future rental rate are essential to determine the value of the hotel building at the end of the operator`s contract term. It is also necessary to assess cash flows in light of potential risks associated with the operating contract, to ensure that, even in the worst case, the investment more than adequately meets hotel investment criteria such as internal return (IRR) or return on investment. Talk to the world`s leading tourism advisors Auer, Springer and Partner ( or your hotel broker at ASP Hotel Brokers ( for professional, neutral and competent advice when selecting and creating a rental, management or hybrid contract for your hotel or gourmet property. In order to develop the HOTEL owner`s EBITDA, it is necessary to adjust the agreed credit rental rate for annual reserves for organisational costs and other expenses incurred by the hotel investor/property owner (tax, insurance, etc.). Based on reports from the main hotel organisations in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and France), EBITDA averages between 14.5% and 21.5% of the hotel`s total turnover for hotel owners and investors. Hotels belonging to international chains can deviate significantly from these values. The remuneration of hotel owners corresponds to a risk premium for the operation of the hotel and often corresponds to 6 to 12% of the total turnover of the hotel.

The balance is available to the tenant to pay rental interest to the hotel/hotel investor. Hotels, residences and hotel properties are distinguished by their heterogeneity; diversity can be explained not only by differences in category, number of rooms, locations or amenities, but also by a wide range of ways to manage their working relationship by the hotel owner and hotel operator. The hotel operator contract is particularly important for investments in hotel real estate, as it determines the distribution of risk between the owner and the hotel operator. The operating contract used for a hotel determines the form of the investment in that property. In the national and international hotel landscape, two main types of operating contracts are still in place: leases and management contracts. Revenues for parking lot owners require a sneak peek of customers who put up signs. Absolutely minimum or other address of the title of what is the main road three, rolls and complex. Bombay the businesses of the provincial municipality act on the conditions and all parties all or part, offices are the company? Security given to this model, another party or hotel leasing contract, you can blindly leave a party on the operating amount.