Seasonal Campsite Rental Agreement

Whether you are contemplating an RV purchase or even an RV lifestyle, it’s critical that you understand what you are getting into. As fulltime RVers, we did many research before we jumped in. We really talked through whatever we wanted, and took steps to “try it on for size” before we made major decisions. Renting an RV was one of these brilliant trial techniques.

RV Rentals are an easy way to travel by RV without actually owning one. You can vacation, see new places and find out more about your RV lifestyle firsthand. It’s a good idea to rent an RV before you purchase.

Here are a handful of tips for renting an RV:

Plan in places you want to go.
Consider places you need to see, and exactly how much time you might have. Depending on season and interest in your destination, you might want to make campground reservations.

Decide around the right mixture of travel some time and stopping time. We suggest you permit some “down” time without having particular agenda. Moving everyday or constantly driving long distances, leaves short amount of time to relax or fully explore your destinations.

Remember the interests of everyone going about the trip. Perhaps you might have a mental picture of experiencing and enjoying the great outdoors, fishing in peaceful solitude. You envision old-fashioned happy times and bringing your family closer together. Before you get too over excited…be sure the rest of the family unit is around the same wavelength. Otherwise, your holiday will be below ideal.

Consider any type of RV you desire to rent. If you can rent a model that is similar to one you are thinking about for your RV lifestyle, your “trial” will probably be more realistic. Most RV Rental companies rent motorhomes. Class C “cab over” motorhomes are common, but smaller class B (camper vans) and larger Class A motorhome rentals will often be part of the line-up.

Pop-ups (tent campers) may be rented from a multitude of locations. Towable fifth wheels and trailers most likely are not as prevalent, but might be found at the growing amount of companies.

And a lot of companies rent RV units created to tow large gear (some brands include Fun Mover, Toy Hauler and Raptor), that contain space at the back of the unit for motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, maybe equipment or inventory you employ in a job around the road. More lifestyle choices!

Research RV Rental Locations: Are you going to rent near the house? Or would you like to travel to a acquire location?

What can you bring? This might really make a difference in that you go, along with where to rent. Note that many RV rental companies rent RV livability packages — that include kitchen utensils, kitchen tools, linens, towels, and so on. Some also rent bicycles, folding chairs and grills. And some RV rental companies accommodate fly/drive renters by giving helpful transportation from the nearby airport.

Will you might need a separate car?
If you choose to do, ask your RV rental company when they allow you to tow one behind the motorhome — some companies tend not to permit towing, or have limited liability.

If you need to do tow an auto with a rented motorhome (or it’s car/truck towing the rented RV), teach yourself on weight limits and safe towing equipment. If your RV rental agency allows towing, they ought to be able to assist you.

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