This agreement, including the timetable, includes the entire agreement between the parties and contains no assurance, motivation, promise or oral or other agreement that are not included, have an effect or effect other than those provided in writing in this agreement or after the date of that agreement and signed by a duly accredited representative of the party linked to that agreement. (z) tokens refer to cryptographic tokens called “AGRI.” (aa) The site means (ii) the purchaser waives all rights to assert a right to the title or in connection with this contract, unless it is based exclusively on the express provisions of this agreement and is limited to them. 0.5 Ether (or an amount of BTC or XEM corresponding to the value of 0.5 ETH in USD on the day the chips are transferred to the Seller) which must be transferred by the Buyer to the Seller, equal to the multiple purchase price of the purchase price. (ii) did not rely on written or oral statements from the seller, its directors, agents, contractors, representatives, agents or advisors or were not required to conclude this agreement; B. The seller is the AGRI offer for sale as part of the tokens generation event. (xiv) they have prior knowledge and knowledge in possession of cryptocurrency and cryptographic tokens that they have trusted to make an informed decision about the benefits and risks associated with the application, holding or transfer of tokens. (b) AGRI refers to erc20 tokens designed by the seller and used on the BlockGrain platform known as “AGRI.” (a) the sale and purchase of the tokens are completed. (c) words that refer to the singular as plural and vice versa, words that refer to persons or persons as entities and vice versa, references to documents or agreements, including documents or agreements that are modified, reissued or replaced, and words indicating sex include all genders; The parties may agree in writing to amend this agreement, including a timetable or annex to this agreement. (b) Notwithstanding other provisions of this Agreement, the parties agree that the seller has the discretion to change the completion date by providing the purchaser with a written notification regarding the amended completion date.

(i) all conditions, guarantees and assurances, expressly or implied, written or oral, that are not expressly included in the written terms of this Agreement are excluded by the parties; and (e) Bitcoin and BTC is a cryptocurrency that is used to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain.