As far as the name is concerned is still acceptable, but as far as the substance is concerned, it is quite difficult to associate Pancasila with the rules we now know with Mo Limo in the book of Sutasoma which contains prohibitions: 1) must not commit violence (ahimsa), 2) should not steal (asteya), 3) should not be repugnant (indriya nigraha), 4) should not lie (amrsawada), and 5) should not be consumed (dama). Between “Pancasila,” the result of the Jakarta Charter and the Sutasoma version of “Pancasila” is clearly different. In addition to centuries that are rather difficult to draw from historical continuums, the content of the two also reflects a rather glaring difference. [1] Iswara N Raditya, “History of Pancasila Day: The Role of BPUPKI and PPKI,” (Released July 26, 2019). Then to form from this an Indonesian state government that protects the entire nation of Indonesia and all Indonesian bloodshed and to promote general well-being, educate the life of the nation, and participate in the implementation of a world order based on independence, Sustainable peace and social justice, Indonesian national independence has been shaped in a constitution of the State of Indonesia, which is shaped by an order of the State of the Republic of Indonesia, which is sovereignly of the people on the basis of: God, with the obligation to apply Islamic law to its supporters, on the basis of humanity, which is just and located, the unity of Indonesia, and populism led by the , and through the achievement of social justice for all Indonesians. Soekiman Wiryosanjoyo, Ki Bagus Hadikusuma, Prof. K.H.A. Kahar Muzakkir, K.H.A. Wahid Hasyim, Abikusno Cokrosuyoso, Mr. Ahmad Subarjo, Agus Salim and a number of other names are personalities, politicians and personalities representing Muslim groups in bpkiuu auditions.

One of the policy proposals presented is the concept of the “Islamic State” (Dar al-Islam), the formulation of the preamble to the 1945 Constitution (Jakarta Charter) and the concept of Islamic leadership. Bpupki`s hearings, between 29 April and 7 August, at least agreed on Indonesia`s declaration of independence, the opening and the torso of the 1945 Constitution. [1] That this create a state of state regulation that endangers the unity and security of the state, Nusa and Bangsa and hinders the development of the universe in order to achieve a just and prosperous society; That, with the support of the lion of the Indonesian people and driven by our own convictions, we were forced to follow the only way to save the state of proclamation; That we believe that the Jakarta Charter of June 22, 1945 animates the 1945 Constitution and that it agrees with the Constitution….