Tenancy Agreement Less Than Six Months

Water bill that you just pay is established either based on fixed rate or perhaps the number of units you’ve consumed. Since, without water meter people can’t keep a check into their day-to-day consumption activities, they plunge to water meters. But could it be really worth buying water meters online? Is it mandatory or actually proves good for the customers? Let’s uncover some interesting info about water meters in India.


In case you don’t know, many of us have the right to get waterMeters installed free of charge in our houses. Yes, the simple truth is since government has given us the authority to be charged based on the water usage created by us. And this is valid even for those who are living in rented houses or flats. They can also ask their landlords to deliver them with separate water meter when the tenancy agreement is good for six months or longer.

In order to obtain the WaterMeter installed, you simply need to contact the WaterMeter company via call or online. As per the regulations, WaterMeter Company ought to do the installation within 6 months time frame. Interestingly, many countries have adopted the universal water metering system to which everyone turns into a water meter free of charge.


Adopting water meter is included with many benefits. It is highly recommended to the families who don’t use much water. With water meter they’re able to pay for that exact units they have got consumed rather than paying relatively higher bills. Moreover, in case your property carries a high rateable value, water meter is crucial. This is so because now and again water bills provide the rateable value of the property. Thumb rule with this law is that if there are fewer people as part of your property compared to the bedrooms, selecting charged less.

Still if you aren’t convinced, you can examine water meter companies online that have calculators online. It would make it easier to have an idea concerning the amount that you simply will be charged by by ordering water meter online.

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