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This article discusses the various free apple laptop applications on the net. If you were wondering the ones to download, this informative article may help you in picking the best ones.

For those looking for applications to download on your own apple laptop, you need to understand that you may get them without cost on the World Wide Web. There are a number of sites that allow you to download free Apple laptop applications. There are 50 plus such applications that you choose from and this information lists fifteen from the more essential applications that you have to have on the MacBook.

1. OpenOffice.org – This application can function on os’s other than Mac. It is that will work with Windows and Ubuntu.

2. Quicksilver – One can control iTunes from Quicksilver as well as many other amazing commands.

3. The Unarchiver – If your Mac results in compressed file formats it can’t recognize, this can be the application available for you. You can not only uncompress files with this particular free Apple laptop application, but automatically delete zipped files later.

4. Adium – This is a free Apple laptop application you’re going to love. You can connect with almost every messaging system that exists, whether it’s Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, Myspace IM, MSN, ICQ or Bonjour.

5. iPodDisk – With this application it is possible to move music off an iPod while not having to use iTunes.

6. Burn – This application adds more file formats on your existing Mac OS X’s inbuilt disc recorder.

7. Handbrake – This is a multi-threaded video converter which converts DVD or multimedia files into AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG-4, Theora or H.264 formats.

8. Miro – You can setup RSS feeds for automated downloading of videos.

9. Caffeine – This free Apple laptop application goes into the menu bar. It makes it easy either switch off the screen saver or delay it to the time you add on it. This way, you will discover fewer or no interruptions.

10. GIMP – This application is related to Photoshop, quite a bit less good but sometimes be downloaded without cost.

11. SuperDuper – This great and free Apple laptop application makes bootable copies of one’s drive which is very useful particularly when you are sending your Mac looking for repairs.

12. iStat Pro – This application displays details about your Mac like CPU temperature and disk space.

13. Dropbox – With this application, you’ll be able to store files and access them from any Internet connection later.

14. Cyberduck – This is the very best uploader and downloader many different browsers. All you need to do is drag and drop and upload or download that one thing without any hassles.

15. NetNewsWire -This RSS reader has a account at NewsGator.com at no cost. This application also helps you to read your feeds on the iPhone and sync bookmarks back for your MacBook.

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