I Found an Interesting Side Job

I simply ran into this girl and I really did not remember exactly where I knew her from. I was really surprised by what she was asking me about, it was about Las Vegas escorts and I knew nothing about the city or the profession. At any rate I realized that I had done some glamour photography for the girl and she apparently liked the work. I hardly ever do that sort of thing now, but I have done a good deal of it from working in the Los Angeles fashion industry for a couple of years. At any rate she got my attention by cutting a check and telling me that they had a place where I could stay and work. This turned out to be a horse farm with a compound on it. There was a huge swimming pool and a huge ranch style house along with an actual mansion. I was staying at what they called the cabin, although it was a lot bigger than what I would call one.

In fact the big thing in glamour photography is not really the guy with the camera. You have to know the light and so forth, but it is most important that you have a good make up artist and I told them that they should invest in one of them rather than me. They knew a good one though and she was sort of a problem, as she really liked these girls in exactly the same way that I did. Of course I was making a good check for this work and I kept that sort of mischief in my pants. She just went for it and went for it over and over again. Every single girl she flirted with and she went as far as she could get away with too.

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