Fahrradkarten Herunterladen

I’ve recently obtained a Garmin Edge 800 GPS cycle computer. In this article I’ll try to explain how it’s helping me improve my training and so my performances around the bike.

Having recently get out of. The city into your country I will have an unlimited method of getting routes that I can take when going out at the weekend for just a ride. The Garmin now allows me to pre plan routes on the web and download the routes towards the unit. I then follow simple turn by turn directions while riding and don’t get lost. This means I can avoid main roads, traffic lights, town centers etc to be sure I always get safe routes with very little interruptions as is possible.

After riding I upload my rides and associated statistics to Garmins Connect website. This enables me to take a look back and review my rides and hopefully see my fitness increase.

To aid benchmarking the 800 incorporates a training partner feature that let’s you ‘race’ against the preset speed or possibly a previous ride you have carried out. Mid ride it can tell you the length of time ahead or behind movie both distance and time. This is a great motivational tool.

Now the winter has from I am spending a lot of time training I doors weighed in the fitness center or on the turbo trainer. The Garmin let’s me pre program interval workouts to perform, enabling me to maximise my time while working out for the maximum benefit.

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