3. Where an agreement has been reached in accordance with this section, it is the responsibility of the planning authority to take all necessary steps to ensure that the establishment of the public right of priority is in accordance with the agreement. Creating public road rights in accordance with the agreement. 2. An agreement under this section must be subject to terms of payment or other conditions set out in the agreement and may, if agreed, provide for restrictions or conditions that infringe the public right of the wede. We collect and process this information to manage and manage the relationship between you and us to ensure compliance with the terms of your building permit (4) Details of an agreement under this section will be entered into the Register. 47.-(1) A planning authority may enter into an agreement with any person who has the necessary power in that name to create a public right of priority on earth by that person. Data Protection Act 1988-2018 (as amended) and General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) The purpose of this press release is to provide information on the collection and processing of your information by Monaghan County Council. As part of our activities, we collect, store and process personal data about our service user. Monaghan County Council is responsible for this data. We deal with this personal data in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, point e), the RGPD and in the exercise of the administrative authority conferred on us as responsible authority under section 47 of the Development and Development Act 2000 (as amended).

The types of personal data we collect and process can collect, collect and process your name, postal address, Monaghan County Council, a considerable amount of “personal data” and “sensitive personal data” in different daily formats. We are committed to ensuring that the personal data provided are: You will find all the details regarding the collection, processing and disclosure of your personal data by us and your rights in our comprehensive data protection statement on the site. We may share your personal data with selected third parties. For example, corporations, judicial services and other government or public services, to the extent required by law. We can also share your data with other third parties who assist us in carrying out our tasks. More information about the disclosure of your personal data can be found in our data protection statement, available at: Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about our handling of your personal data, our data protection representative can be contacted.