To learn more about this agreement, please read the documents at: If you are contacted by the Office of Human Rights, Justice and Accessibility for a complaint filed against you for human rights violations, it is important to know that, in accordance with Article 59:02 (c) of the collective agreement, a member of the faculty or library has the right to consult the faculty association. On the member`s option, the faculty association may represent the member at all stages of the informal or formal examination or other procedure. Mr. Schorf. Workers crossing picket lines. In doing so, schorf undermines the process of negotiating collective agreements. By refusing to work, bosses lose money, and workers tip the scales and wield some power. But if bosses can drive in non-unionized workers to run the machines, the effectiveness of a strike, the only lever available to the working class, is neutralized. It is no coincidence that such an ugly word is reserved for so-called “class converging”. Scab jumped from a description of injuries caused by diseases such as syphilis to a description of morality. But the use of the schorf is only one of the strategies of the capitalist class.

The strategy works by choosing class solidarity and taking advantage of the despair of the working class. It is imperative that we shed light on this sordid tactic. In this way, we build a disciplined and conscious labour movement. The Industrial Relations Committee (LRC), chaired by GSA AVP Labour, represents and supports university graduates at the University of Calgary through education and advocacy. This is not limited to collective bargaining, the handling of disputes with employers and the requirement for a high level of employment for higher education graduates. faculty and librarians are classified on the basis of waiting lists for certain car parks. To request a parking change, a written question must be asked of the campus parking services by April 1 of the year concerned (Article 8:01 d) (i) of the collective agreement). After April 1, the allocation of parking will take place on a first come, first served base basis. If you park on land that is not allowed on your licence, you will receive a ticket and you will have to pay the fine before another permit is issued. To receive your memo to members, you can go to the Office of Public Affairs – Communications [Kevin Johnson, ext.